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Dive deeper within the real estate field with these specialty courses:
-Community Association Manager
-Home Inspector

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Climbing a Ladder

Home Inspector Pre-License (120 hours)

Home Inspection plays a vital role with all home purchases. This Home Inspectors course will equip individuals with the essential tools to perform a thorough inspections. Topics included cover the 8 components of a home.

*    Florida General Standards of Practice
*    Structure
*    Electrical System
*    HVAC Systems
*    Roof Covering
*    Plumbing System
*    Interior Components
*    Exterior Components
*    Site Components
*    Report Writing/Field Training

Community Association Manager Pre-License (18 Hours)

Community Association Manager is licensed to perform community association management services including the following:

  • Practices requiring substantial specialized knowledge, judgment, and managerial skill when done for remuneration and when the association or associations served contain more than 10 units or have an annual budget or budgets in excess of $100,000;

  • controlling or disbursing funds of a community association;

  • preparing budgets or other financial documents for a community association;

  • assisting in the noticing or conduct of community association meetings;

  • coordinating maintenance for the residential development and other day-to-day services involved with the operation of a community association.

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